Stand Out with a Dazzling Resume

professional_resumeWhenever you are preparing your job resume the goal is to impress the recruiter or hiring manager and in the process get picked for the interview. Therefore you must to do all that you can do to make sure that it stands out from the rest.

Directly respond to the posted job description

Hiring managers and recruiters have definite ideas regarding the skills and experiences which they want for the position being offered. Consequently, candidates should be aware of this so that their resume mirrors that very description which has been included in the job ad or listing.

In a sea of ordinary applicants, the most captivating and appealing resume is mostly to be the one which seems to be matching all of the stated requirements, which includes the necessary technical skills, educational qualifications, work experience, certifications and courses taken. For example, if your past work experience happens to not be very relevant to the current job description, then you will have to become creative and structure that very skill set for it to seem relevant in some way.

Describe your accomplishments and not responsibilities

One HR expert gives a great example of somebody that delivers food: It’s not enough for them to say that they delivered food, that was their job responsibilty. The person reading the resume wants to know, were you good at doing that job abd what attributes of that job will be transferable to the job you are applying for?

Instead of repeating the job description, you should focus on what you accomplished whilst doing it. Illustrate the ways you excelled in that profession and how you have indeed gone above that and beyond.

Quantify the accomplishments

Resume writing experts point out that there is perhaps no better method of describing your job accomplishments than through that of specificity. Examples would be how much did the firm save due to your efforts, how many product items did you vend in a month? What was your portfolio size? How many persons did you manage or train? Putting a figure on your accomplishments gives the recruiter an idea of how you may fit into their organization.

Ignore information that is irrelevant

To know what to omit from your resume could be as significant as to know what to include. Writing a professional resume is no easy task and you may be better off investing in local resume and cover letter services to help you make an impact. You may think it’s an excellent idea to put in lots of information in to pad a possibly weaker resume, except this approach could backfire on you. Extraneous accomplishments or irrelevant jobs tell the potential employer that probably you don’t comprehend exactly what they are searching for.

Summary section usage

Decide to include a summary statement, then keep in mind that it occupies the most important spot, the front and center. Don’t waste that opportunity on generic self-descriptions like ‘results driven’, ‘creative,’ and ‘excellent communicator,’ In fact; if you require labelling yourself as creative or an excellent communicator, probably you are not even one. Rather, drop these generics and use this section to supply details about your achievements. Remember, it’s no good just having a good resume, you will also need a cover letter to sell your resume. To find out more about cover letters for resumes then please subscribe to my newsletter.

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